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The 101 On Weed Trimmers – What, How & Why You Need Them

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Read any or all weed wacker reviews, and one thing will become evident soon, most customers cannot stop waxing poems about them. People who have used a weed trimmer say that they are crucial to change the appearance of the garden. They are not just simple gardening tools that can trim edges and clean the borders of a lawn. A weed whacker has the capability of adding beauty to your garden. In this article, we will review the basics of a weed extractor and how they are godsend DIY tools for trimming.

A weed trimmer is less costly when compared to a mower. It does not come with wheels or guides. This makes them the easiest equipment to create clean, straight lines on hedges and fences. They use a spinning nylon rope to chop of weeds. The rope, which moves at a blindingly high speed, cuts grass in a way that creates a uniform height lawn. The result is a gardening tool that is easy to use and perfect for both trimming and edging.

This brings us to the principal benefit of purchasing a weed eater. They are tools that allow you to get that professionally manicured lawn look. One can use a weed trimmer to snip off grass in the garden and remove weeds from the sidewalk and driveways. A trimmer is capable of edging, cutting and beautification. This tri-fold use makes them the better option when compared to a lawnmower. Plus, they give quicker results as the sides are visible at all times. The movement you start trimming, you get to see the way a weed eater instantly cleans your garden.

Any tool is as valuable as the way it is used. The same applies to a weed whacker. To get quality and best result out of a trimmer, it is recommended to hold it at an angle of thirty degrees. Another tip is to ensure that the grass is cut to a uniform height. Unequally trimmed grass results in a wonky looking lawn. So, begin at the point where the weed is the tallest. Trim those first and then gradually move to smaller grass blades. Keep the edges of the garden in line with the height of the grass, and voila, you get a manicured landscape.

The need of owning a weed trimmer is blatantly obvious. They are excellent tools to keep the area surrounding your home neat and clean. So, now we move on to the two main categories of weed eaters – cordless and corded. Both groups come with a number of models with varying features. The main difference between cordless and corded trimmers is the weight. A corded whacker can weigh as low as 3 pounds while cordless ones can go as high as 50. This is because cordless trimmers work on batteries that add the extra weight.

For amateurs, we recommend the corded option because they are more durable and reliable. For other users, the cordless trimmers are a sound choice to keep your lawn an immaculate landscape.

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