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A Beginner’s Guide to Grow Marijuana Indoors

Grow Marijuana Indoors

If you are interested in growing your Marijuana indoors, but finding it difficult to find the right source, stress not. You have come to the right article to grow Cannabis plants indoor. This content is taken from a blog post by Plant Sily that will help and guide you in your journey to grow Marijuana indoors.

Growing Marijuana is not a simple task, let it be outdoor or indoor. It brings itself new challenges every single day and so we must be careful in the growing process of Cannabis. To find out more about the indoor growing process, read on below.

Decide a place for Cannabis Grow Room
The first and the most important step to grow Cannabis indoor is to select a convenient personal space for Grow Room. The room can be anything like a tent, closet, spare room, cabinet or any cornered space of a basement. But you must also make sure that your plants and equipment must be tailored accordingly to fit the designated space.
Start Small But Think Big

If you are doing it for the first time make sure to start it small. There are many reasons for it like,

· Starting small, your expense will also be small.
· It will be easy to take care and monitor your plants in the small space. This way you will learn many things and gain experience.
· Even if your project fails or you lose some of the plants, you will not lose much from your pocket.

It is very common to see failure in your initial days of plant growth. You will lose some of your plants to disease or pests. But do not be discouraged and learn from your failure. This is one of the prime reasons to start small but make sure to think big in your project.

Your work of growing cannabis does not stop by just giving it a space. You will have to take many things to consider like ducting, fans, lights, soil and other related equipment that is needed for the plant growth. Apart from this, ensure to have enough space for your working purpose and headspace. Most of the time, Cannabis grows twice or thrice in size during their flowering stage. Hence, feed your plants with enough nutrients but do not overfeed.

Cleanliness is Very Important
If you want your cannabis to grow well, then ensure to keep it clean. Only then it will grow to be a healthy plant. Clean it often and try to avoid drapes, raw woods, and carpeting for they are a little hard to clean.

Keep it Tight-Light
This is another important point that must be noted in your grow room. Your grow room must be tight-light. Leakage of light during the dark period will confuse plants and thereby it will end up producing male flowers.

Choose the Right Grow Light
The lighting quality will decide your plant growth and also its quantities. Therefore, make sure to provide the best lighting for your plants. A few of the popular grow lights are as follows.
· HID Grow Lights
· Fluorescent Grow Lights
· Led Grow Lights
· Induction Grow Lights

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